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What We Do

We have been committed to the sustainable growth of the Andean communities we collaborate with.

For Almost a Decade

Our mission for the Kuoda Association is to create lasting sustainable development through education and sustainable tourism in underdeveloped regions of the Andean highlands. Much of our work is focused around the concept of self-empowerment. Our driving goal is to set these communities up to help them help themselves. Through our work, we are providing community members young and old the chance to learn, develop, and sustain viable livelihoods now and in the future.

Our Work

Our Andean Children’s Learning Center provides youth in the village of Umasbamba the opportunity to receive additional educational support outside of school and gives them a dedicated teacher who is pulling for their success throughout the entire journey to university and beyond.

Our community computer project provides communities throughout the Sacred Valley the opportunity to gain valuable and marketable computer skills. We provide the computers, teachers, and tri-weekly classes in programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Our immersive community experiences bring tourism to remote communities and provide a chance for highly valued skills like textile weaving to become a bridge to a better life while at the same time allowing for rich and authentic cultural exchanges to unfold for tourists and communities alike.

Cause List